The Leica Pinmaster family combines more than 100 years of premium optics and 25 years of pioneering achievement in distance determination. This makes these laser rangefinders the perfect tools to hit every green in regulation. Leica makes use of its position as world market leader in premium compact rangefinding and adapts these skills perfectly to the demands of golf.

With its magnification factor of 7x and its crystal clear image, the Leica Pinmaster are perfectly adjusted to all the demands on the golf course: the carbon-fibre-reinforced body is so light and compact that the Leica Pinmaster do not only fit into every hand but also into every golf bag. And with the patented AquaDura® coating dirt and rain simply roll off. This makes the Pinmasters your perfect companions on every round of golf.


The cutting-edge of laser rangefinding technology

More than 20 years of laser rangefinding experience in sport optics products and relentless efforts in innovation and design guarantee optically and mechanically perfected products for our customers.

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There’s more than meets the eye

In addition to the high-quality finish, the rugged construction of these rangefinders makes them extremely robust and reliable, while the ergonomic design grants safe handling.

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Outstanding optical performance

A clear view, even under critical conditions

The patented optic design on all Leica rangefinding products guarantees outstanding contrast and maximum light transmission. The results are stunning images even under difficult light conditions.

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