Leica Pinmaster II

For more accuracy on the golf course

Passion. Devotion. Golf.

Reliable companion on the green

Impressive Optics

The Leica Pinmaster II shines with a new look. A muted grey soft finish makes the Leica Pinmaster II a truly outstanding experience both in optic and haptic. With its state-of-the-art and elegant look the Pinmaster is your perfect companion on the green in every respect. Discreetly in the background, but always an eye-catcher.

Exact measurement

Leica First Target Logic

Unlike other Leica laser rangefinders, the Pinmaster II can determine the distance of tiny objects such as a golf ball or a flag stick. It grants precise measurements up to a range of 750 m.

Brilliant image, compact form

High-performance display

The Leica Pinmaster II is small, light and elegant and thanks to its ergonomic design it can be held in one hand and fits perfectly into any pocket. The clear LED display enables users to read off the measuring results quickly.