Leica Ultravid Silverline

Technical and functional perfection

Optical elegance, individual character

Timeless elegance

An elegant all-rounder

Timeless elegance meets the finest mechanics and optics. The Leica Ultravid Silverline boasts elegant design in combination with superior engineering.

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High-contrast images

Unique brightness and pin-sharp detail resolution

Leica binoculars feature a sophisticated system of lenses and baffles. This makes the Leica Ultravid Silverline full-size binoculars resistant to stray-light and particularly suitable for use in difficult lighting conditions, for instance at the seaside or in indoor stadiums and rooms.

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Low weight, optimum power

Self-explanatory, precise focusing

The elegantly designed Ultravid Silverline binoculars are relatively small and lightweight for 42mm binoculars, making them look good with trekking outfits as well as at sports events. Fluoride lenses provide the Leica Ultravid Silverline full-size binoculars with optimum clarity and resolving power.

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