Leica ER LRS Reticles

Even more precision for Leica Riflescopes


The reticles of the Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS have been specially designed for long-distance shots. The reticles are uniquely fine and are located in the second focal plane. The standard rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) allows extremely precise adjustment, as one click is equivalent to 5 mm at 100 meters. The Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS shows very little target aberration when the magnification is changed.

Leica reticle 4a LRS without illuminated dot (ER)

Crosshair thickness: 0.2 in /5 mm

Application: Classic 4a reticle with reduced crosshair thickness for optimal target detectability at long distances

Leica Magnum ballistic reticle without illuminated dot (ER)

Crosshair thickness: 0.2 in /5 mm Distance between vertical guidelines:

1.9 in /5 cm

Application: Ballistic reticle for aerodynamic, strong calibers as e.g. .300 WinMag, .338 Lapua Mag or .270 WSM

Leica Ballistic reticle without illuminated dot (ER)

Crosshair thickness: 0.2 in /5 mm

Distance between vertical guidelines: 3.9 in /10 cm

Application: Classic ballistic reticle for normal hunting calibers as .308 or .270 Win

BDC – Bullet drop compensator

The BDC lets you adjust the reticle to various shooting distances. Using the calibrations, the reticle can be set so that the exact impact point is guaranteed on the target. Elevation and lateral adjustment can also be corrected for. The BDC is easy to use and functions with absolute precision in all weather conditions.

Riflescopes from the Magnus series can be ordered with an optional BDC bullet drop compensation system, and a new ballistics programme for BDC is available for download, guaranteeing precise shooting every time.

Ballistics programme for Leica rapid reticle adjustment (BDC)

The Leica ballistics programme performs calculations for the Geovid HD-B (including download of data), the ballistic reticles of the Leica riflescopes as well as the rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) of the Leica riflescopes.

This allows the calculation of the target range for almost any kind of ammunition, taking into account many parameters relevant for hunting, such as sighting-in distance, the height of the sight line, temperature and height. For Leica riflescopes with ballistic reticle or rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) you can calculate and print tables for distance as well as click value. In addition, you can calculate individual ammunition loads for the programming of the Geovid HD-B and download the data on a microSD-card.

To create your own custom ballistic data set click here.