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"The magic of freezing a fleeting moment. To be able to capture what’s meant to disappear in split second, and to be taken back in time to relive all those passing moments — long-forgotten emotions and disappearing feelings all over again."

To Tul Hirunyalawan, photography is an art that does the impossible: to stop, and even turn back time. Stored in a single photograph are memories of a place, time, feelings, emotions, ideas and even our old, lost self, all of which can be retrieved, and relived all over again thanks to a mere action of seeing a photograph, and reminiscing. 

“Reminiscence” contemplates on the beginning of the moment when time flows backward. Through photography, Tul is searching for the emotional connection between what we see at present, and the beginning of a memory it evokes.

  • Sunlight that tells the time of day.  
  • Rain cloud that tells of the season.
  • Breeze that reflects a feeling.
  • And people who tell the story of their warm relationship. 

Time can be frozen, things captured just at the one and only moment when they are “present.” Only through a photograph that we know for sure that that fleeting moment truly exists. A photo is an evidence of the passing reality, captured and remembered through the eyes of a photographer. 

“It’s almost like magic the way a photograph can take us back to the time and place that the passing reality took place. Everything comes alive once again the moment you look at the photograph — and reminisce. This, to me, is the greatest charm of photography. It connects not just the present with the past, but also the photographer with the audience. Once a person looks at the photograph, he/she’s making a soundless conversation with me. They shared their views, and exchange experiences without ever meeting me, without a single word.”

Tul Hirunyalawan – Reminiscence

24/09/2018 - 07/11/2018

Leica Gallery Bangkok

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