Leica M-E: Entry level access to the M-System

The Leica M-E makes starting out in the M-System easier than ever before. The latest model of the legendary camera family specifically addresses newcomers to the system and correspondingly comes at an extremely attractive price. As is the case with all other Leica M models, the M-E systematically reflects the Leica design philosophy of reduction to the essential photographic functions. This enables intuitive handling and, in consequence, allows its users to concentrate completely on what’s important – composing and making pictures.

The Leica M-E (Typ 240) is characterized by its iconic design and the familiar high quality of its construction and finish. Its compact body is sealed against dust and water spray and features real leather trim. The top deck and the baseplate are finished in an anthracite-gray lacquer especially developed for the Leica M-E. As with other M-Cameras, photographers shooting with the new Leica M-E benefit from the extended system compatibility that is a distinctive feature of the M family – thanks to the M-Bayonet, it is fully compatible with almost every Leica M-Lens ever built.

With a resolution of 24 MP, the CMOS sensor of the M-E offers a proven ideal balance between high resolution, for the reproduction of even the finest details, and a file size that supports smooth and trouble-free integration into the photographic workflow. Thanks to an ISO sensitivity range up to 6400, the M-E also delivers excellent pictures in low light. When shooting fast sequences, a 2 GB buffer memory guarantees the immediate readiness of the Leica M-E to capture every fleeting moment.

The video recording function of the Leica M-E captures the inimitable look of Leica photography in moving pictures – in full-HD format (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a choice of 24, 25, or 30 frames per second. Photographic projects can therefore be enriched with professional video footage in Leica quality without the effort of having to switch cameras.  

The Leica M-E will be on sale from July 25, 2019. The camera is limited in quantity and will be available only as long as stocks last.

Press Release - Leica M-E

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